Diablo III Beta Testing: Diablo 3 Release Date

From the World of Warcraft down to Star Craft 2, online gamers have been hard core fans on this type of online games but with the news on the Diablo 3 Release Date, many are awaiting and excited about the official date of its availability on the market. Meanwhile, Diablo III is the third sequel of the Diablo franchise. It is a role playing game which is filled with fantasy and horror that will bring you to new heights of playing games online.

Diablo 3 Release Date

While there are many new features on the upcoming of Diablo 3 game, everyone is asking about when is the exact date of its release. When the first Diablo game came out, many gamers around the world had enjoyed playing it until such time the clamor for Diablo II came in the picture which had tremendous results. Now with speculations of the Diablo 3 Release Date, many are crossing their fingers that the much anticipated game will be released this year.

It was May of this year when Mike Morhaime broke the announcement about the release of Diablo III for beta testing. Now, as the 1st day of August starts, some sources have confirmed that Diablo 3 will promote a regional auction house where players can sell and buy items in exchange for real world-money.

As the hype of the Diablo 3 Release Date, is getting more exciting, we just need to wait for further announcements once the Diablo III Beta testing for this game has been completed. You can expect Diablo 3 out before Christmas.

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