Rogue Sharks: Summer of the Shark

Rogue Sharks: Summer of the Shark

Given that Shark Week has started, Discovery Channel has decided to start its annual celebration of the mighty predators – the sharks. Starting on the 31st of July, Discovery Channel will roll-out documentaries on sharks, such as Rogue Sharks, Summer of the Shark or How Shark Hunts, among other shows, every day for an entire week.

summer of the shark

Rogue Sharks is a show where Victor Coppleson’s “rogue theory” is tested. This theory suggests that there are some sharks that deliberately target humans as food and they hunt them down. The show will provide some great images and videos from the “shark’s eye view,” as the producers put a camera inside their shark model’s throat. The program will present in great detail a couple of shark attacks, as is for instance the story of Raymond Short, who back in 1966 was attacked by an 8-foot great white shark, while he was swimming in the waters of the Coledale Beach near Sydney, Australia. In 1966, this attack was thought to be a very good example which came to support the rogue theory implemented by Victor Coppleson.

Anyone who is a interested in sharks should most definitely turn to the Discovery Channel during Shark Week, because the channel is going to provide shark stories 24/7. When they do not roll out the said documentaries, they will for sure repeat their greatest hits from the previous years when Shark Week was celebrated.

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