Amanda Knox Appeal: Questions About DNA Evidence

Contaminated samples raised questions about DNA evidence in a dramatic Amanda Knox appeal in Italy, where the 24-year-old was convicted to 26 years behind bars for slaughtering her room-mate Meredith Kercher. Independent forensic experts testified before an Italian court, saying that they are not able to find traces of blood on a kitchen knife that has been used as a key evidence in the case against Amanda Knox and her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito. He is serving 25 years in jail after was found guilty by the court in Italy.

Questions about DNA evidence

Amanda Knox appeal and her attorneys invited Stefano Conti and Carla Vecchioti to testify before the court there are many questions about DNA evidence found on the knife, on which traces of Kercher’s DNA was found on the blade, while Knox’s DNA was on the handle, according to police officials. More than 50 errors were found in the initial investigation by the Appeal Court appointed independent expert in Perugia.

The questions about DNA evidence in Amanda Knox appeal are related to the fact that the generic quantity of DNA was below the minimum required to conduct a reliable test by international standards, experts said.

“There is a complete genetic profile [on the blade DNA], but it’s not reliable. We don’t know if Meredith’s DNA was on it or not,” Vecchiotti told the court. Police denied its experts conducted any inappropriate actions during the investigation.


  1. GreyFox says:

    How many mistakes can the police make in one case before you start to look at them with suspicion? Seems like a good Andy Griffith show with Barney taking the lead. This ships sinking…Time for Mingini to jump.Did they bring charges on the Homeless guy for lying?Or the crazy lady who hears footsteps with her windows closed?If they didnt tell the truth and only added to the confusion while someone elses future is on the line, I would think they should be prosecuted for perjury. Or is that just if they lie about locals. Foreigners dont count??

  2. GreyFox says:

    Just want to clarify… That Amanda’s attorneys did not invite the Forensic experts to anything. The Judge picked two of Romes top experts himself. They testified that there is no (0%) DNA of the victim on the Kitchen knife.The police picked it out (of RS kitchen)this knife because it was “big and shiny”.Experts around the world are screaming that the the knife was too big to match the wounds.There is a bloody knife print(different knife) on the victims bed sheet (crime scene) that the prosecution does not even attempt to explain.The police ruined Raffeal’s hard drves that prove he was home and now have ruined the bra clasp that they claimed had his DNA on it.The Judges experts showed the footage of the police collecting evidence and drew laughs across the court room for how bad they handled evidence. They cited 54 violations and concluded that neither the knife or the bra found 6 weeks later (after being moved around the room several times) should be considered as evidence. Rudy Guede however was caught fleeing to Germany. Admited to being there when the murder happened. His semen was found in the victim. His bloody handprint on a pillow found underneath the victim as well as on her purse, on the walls etc.Not to mention his bloody foot prints, and he forgot to flush the toilet after taking a dump. Hmmm I wonder who did it?

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