If You Really Knew Me: Reality TV

If You Really Knew Me

Reality TV has yet to grow old to the many Americans who watch almost nightly. No one ever expected viewers to get so involved with the members of various reality shows. However, the generally idea is that people enjoy living vicariously through others and this is just one more way to make that happen. MTV is giving basic details regarding their new reality show, If You Really Knew Me.

The show is based on high school students and the challenges the students face. Several high school have been used for the focus of this show but the general principle is the same, watching how teenagers break down barriers and move forward. The producers attempt to use reality television to show the various walks of life of teenagers right now. MTV officials indicate that the purpose of If You Really knew Me is to show what happens when kids from various walks of life try to fit in with the mainstream and break down the walls that separate the cliques.

Basically high school students face the same problems in one degree or another. This reality show appears to be an honest review of what high school is like for our teenagers right now. MTV uses the show to shed light on a number of issues from mental health to cyber bullying to teenager pregnancy and more. If You Really Knew Me also strives to provide teenagers with resources to help guide through the trial and error process known as high school.

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