Diddy and Jennifer Lopez Back Together?

“Are Diddy and Jennifer Lopez Back Together?” all tabloids asked that today after the two were spotted having a dinner together in New York City. Hollywood reporters are curious whether it is just a PR strategy to attract media attention or the couple has reunited.

Controversies surround the news after MediaTakeout disbursed a headline “Diddy and Jennifer Lopez Back Together?” while other media reported J. Lo is in Atlanta to film What To Expect at the time of the eventual dinner. The dinner took place at Phillipe Chow according to an anonymous source who told the website, “Diddy came in quickly and immediately went to the private area… about 20 minutes later J Lo went in. I was in shock.”

Actually, distance between Atlanta and New York City can be covered in less than two hours by a jet, which makes it possible for the couple to meet for a private dinner raising questions whether “Diddy and Jennifer Lopez Back Together” is a possible scenario.

Jennifer Lopez left Diddy in 2000 after the two had been dating for nearly three years. Afterward she got married to Chris Judd while he dated numerous women. It will be known soon, however, whether the couple is reuniting or this was a false rumor.

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