D.B. Cooper Hijacking Case: DB Cooper Money Found

There has been a new development in the D.B. Cooper Hijacking Case. It all began in 1971 when a passenger jet that took off from Portland, Oregon was hijacked and the suspect escaped via parachute with $200,000 in ransom. After 40 years, all that has been found to be linked to D.B. Cooper was a silk tie, a mother-of-pearl tie pin and a roll of $20 bills said to be from the ransom money. The DB Cooper money found appeared to be the main peice of evidence the FBI had to find Cooper. However the only information they knew about Cooper was that he smoked Raleigh cigarettes, was knowledgeable about aerodynamics and paid $20 in cash for the one-way flight from Portland to Seattle.

DB Cooper Money Found

Now a new lead has been introduced to the FBI and Ayn Sandalo Dietrich, the spokeswoman for the FBI says this is the most promising lead they have had so far in the D.B. Cooper investigation. Over the years the department has looked into over a 1,000 leads, none of which have turned out to be credible.

This new piece of information was brought forth by a member of law enforcement and has been sent to forensics lab in Quantico, Virginia for testing as the item should contain fingerprints from Cooper. No other details have been made public regarding this information or the status of the D.B. Cooper hijacking case. Dietrich pointed out that while this news is exciting, it does not mean the case has been cracked or is even near breaking.

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