Casey Anthony Mask: Who Paid Almost $1 Million on Ebay for Mask?

Everybody is wondering who paid almost $1 million on Ebay for the Casey Anthony mask. It is known that the mask’s seller was from Los Angeles but apparently nobody is acquainted with the mysterious buyer who paid almost $1 million on Ebay for the Casey Anthony mask.

Casey Anthony Mask

Casey Anthony entered the national headlines in the United States after she was accused of murdering her daughter Caylee. An unknown admirer of her agreed to obtain the Casey Anthony mask from Ebay provoking Casey’s fans and enemies to raise one question: “Who Paid Almost $1 Million on Ebay for Mask?”

“Forget Freddy, Jason, Meyers, here’s your chance to scare the *#&% out of everyone and win every costume contest with possibly the most frightening mask on the planet,” the mask’s seller wrote in his/her advertisement of the item, according to Mail Online. “Sculpted to precision for a parody video, only nine of these props were made for production and I got my hands on a few after the video wrapped. I know these will be priceless. A significant piece of crime history,” Casey Anthony’s mask description reads.

Whoever the mysterious shopper is, one thing is sure: one should be seriously interested in such an item to pay almost $1 million in cash for it. Which raises too many questions and perhaps the FBI should look into the buyer of the mask because whoever it may be must be insane to pay that kind of money for a mask, especially that of Casey Anthony. Expect Stephen King to start digging into this story soon.


  1. Linda says:

    Just because somebody bid almost a million dollars doesn’t mean it was actually paid for. This happens all the time on EBay. My guess somebody was playing a game with the seller.

  2. Keir says:

    I doubt even Lizzie Borden’s axe will fetch such a price. How could anyone throw away such money for memorabilia relating to an event that few will remember in a decade’s time? It’s not something that will appreciate in value.

  3. Hall says:


  4. lily says:

    with a million dollars, you can hire an expert to make a mold and reproduce a million more masks.

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