Mt. Etna Volcano Erupts

The Mt. Etna volcano erupts in Sicily once again but people living on the Italian island do not seem to be worried. Flames and sparks have been fired in the air, reaching an altitude of about 250 meters, according to witnesses. When Mt. Etna volcano erupts, which is not that rare, local authorities always fear the island would be cut off from the continent because the airport should not operate in severe conditions due to heavy smoke and ash produced by the volcano.

Mt Etna Erupts 2011

However, strong winds managed to blow away the ash, no flights were canceled in the meantime, and Sicilians enjoyed the blue sky and the picture of an erupting volcano as a bonus. First reports that Mt. Etna volcano erupts appeared on Saturday morning with the volcano demonstrating its activity through Saturday and Sunday, following a six month period of inactivity.

No one suffered injuries and no property was damaged during the volcano eruptions, which are becoming increasingly frequent. Nearby villages are exposed to risks but local people get accustomed to frequent volcano activity and do not care too much.

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