The Bachelorette 2011 Finale: After The Final Rose

It is almost time for the Bachelorette 2011 Finale, but who will Bachelorrette Ashley Hebert choose? The two bachelors Ashley must choose from are Ben F and JP. These two fan-favorites will vie for the final rose at the last ceremony. The spoiler for the Bachelorette Finale 2011 is that Ashley will choose JP. The choice is somewhat obvious as the two established a strong connection very early on. Fans agree that the decision between the two must be hard as they both have a lot to offer. The choice does not go smoothly when it comes time for Ashley to introduce JP and Ben F to her family. Tension builds when it is revealed that Ashely’s sister Chrystie thinks Ashley is too spunky for JP and does not think he is the best choice.

after the final rose

There are rumors that the 2011 Bachelorette Ashley Hebert and JP are already engaged. Fans will see JP get the final rose on the Bachelorette 2011 finale that takes place in Fiji on a beautiful beach. The beach is not the only thing that will be beautiful about the final Rose Ceremony, however. Ashley will be wearing a feathered gown by Randi Rahm. This beautiful dress evokes memories of Old Hollywood and features beads and Swarovski crystals among the beautiful featherwork.

Immediately after tonight’s Bachelorette 2011 finale we will see the After The Final Rose episode. Host Chris Harrison will be joined by Ashley Hebert and the man she gave the final rose too, who is rumored to be her fiance. Also joining in on the After the Final Rose show will be the man that Ashley did not choose, rumored to be Ben F.

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