The Bachelorette Finale 2011: Ashley Chose JP Over Ben F!

Everyone that follows the Bachelorette wanted to know who Ashley Hebert would choose if he actually proposed to her in the 2011 finale. The Bachelorette directors played it perfectly showing JP on the plane before they went to commercial however after the commercial they showed a guy leaving the plane from his shoes up and it was Ben F. Ben F. then walked down the stairs to meet Ashley and got down on one knee in front of her and proposed. Ashley grabbed his hand and pulled him up from the ground he knelt on.

bachelorette 2011 finale

Ashley Hebert said NO! This made a lot of Bachelorette fans very unhappy and for good reason since Ben F seemed like the best guy left on the show. Ashley Hebert could very well be the worst ever on the show, many fans said to Other fans said to that Ashley let her sister decide who to choose. If this is true then perhaps Ashley Hebert was not worth the ring presented by Ben F.

After Ashley tried to comfort Ben F but he wanted to save his dignity and said more or less, no JP is a great guy and you will be happy. The next scene showed Ashley looking around and then JP appeared. JP then went to Ashley and proposed and of course she said yes. I guess Ashley likes a guy that shaves his head even though he is not bald, yet but could be in the near future, but that is her taste. What do you think of Ashley’s decision on the 2011 Bachelorette finale. Voice your opinion right here in the comments that will be and bookmark as we will have more juicy details tomorrow.


  1. Rose says:

    I hope for her sake the stories in People magazine are not true. She doesn’t really have good sense so far in picking men…. she has been all over the place this season and turned this whole show into one huge drama scene. The maturity level is just not there for her and I’m afraid she made a very poor choice. This show has to get more class to it. It is starting to be a bit trashy and has gone off the norm. But really what has the norm really been…

  2. amy says:

    This was just one in a line of horrible seasons. They trick us each week to watch with trailers that never show what they claim they will and complete hype. Ashley you have a bottomless pit for an ego and I feel so sorry for Ben for having to get down on his knee only to have you say no! You could have stopped him, but that would not have built your ego now would it? I can’t even watch this show anymore. I tape it, only to watch the rose ceremony and I taped the last, only to see who she chose. I stopped watching when Ashley was told NOT to believe a word Bently said and the fool declares her love for him! Please!

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