Bridget The Midget Powers

Unless you are up-to-date on your porn stars, the actual names of the various stars may not be familiar to you. Moreover, if you aren’t responsible enough to enjoy your porn at the right time and the right places, the trouble could be insurmountable. Add to that the fact that a Massachusetts police officer couldn’t reign in him temptation until he shift was over and the end result is the loss of a job. That’s exactly what happened when Officer Richard P. Bennett left his beat to go check out the Bridget the Midget powers.

Officer Bennett has since resigned from the force after abandoning his beat to watch the porn star who has been touted as “the world’s smallest porn star”. Unfortunately for Bennett, his peers didn’t find his antics amusing. At least five officers reported Bennett’s trip to the club to see the porn star. Bridget the Midget powers must have been extremely enticing for a man to risk his job.

The officer received a commendation for working on a murder case last month and now is without a job. The young cop is only 28 and resigned his post to avoid disciplinary action. Unfortunately once the officers trip to the gentleman’s club was discovered, authorities at the Stoughton Police Station learned that he had modified his weapon without permission by putting a laser sight on his gun. Thus far the case has managed to highlight a stripper and her tagline of Bridget the Midget Powers and uncover a dishonest cop.

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