Casey Anthony Ordered Back to Orlando for Check Fraud

Orange County Circuit judge Stan Strickland has decided that a year-long probation should take place in the Casey Anthony check fraud case which means Casey Anthony is ordered back to Orlando for check fraud, CNN reported. In 2010, Anthony admitted she had written five fake checks for a total of $644 but her attorney Jose Baez managed to persuade the court that she has served enough time behind bars and should be placed on probation.

Casey Anthony Back to Jail

Casey’s lawyers will make every effort to invalidate Mr. Strickland’s position, saying that Casey Anthony ordered back to Orlando for check fraud has no valid ground because the judge presided over her murder trial until April 2010. Anthony was charged with murdering her daughter Caylee but was released from jail on July 17 after a jury decided that there was not enough evidence to declare her guilty.

Since Casey Anthony has been ordered back to Orlando for check fraud, she has to report back to Orange County within 72 hours. However, her attorney will try to prevent her from returning to Orange Country, claiming she already had served it while in custody, the Orlando Sentinel wrote. Anthony’s whereabouts are currently unknown after she was released from jail.

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