How to Stop Cyber-bullying

It appears that senior executives at leading tech companies share a common view how to stop cyber-bullying and prevent people from using fake online identities. For example, Google CEO Eric Schmidt defended company’s policy to close Google+ accounts that do not use real names and warned enterprises not to use the newly introduced social networking service to create business profiles, hiding behind fake personal identities to promote services and goods.

Stop Cyber-bullying

Randi Zuckerberg, Facebook director in charge of marketing, also said last week that corporations should stop wondering how to stop cyber-bullying but introduce measures preventing users from using anonymous accounts. The debate on how to stop cyber-bullying is heating up with LinkledIn chief Jeff Weiner defending the view that users should be allowed to keep some personal details private, which is also an option in Facebook accounts, at present.

Experts warn that preventing people from hiding their personal information on social networks serves the needs of companies like Google and Facebook which can gain more profits selling ads and information to real people rather than to unidentified groups of customers.

People who advocate increased privacy have reasonable arguments for defending their views; namely, public profiles are often flooded by ads while cyber criminals can take advantage of too much personal info that is publicly disclosed. Debates on cyber-bullying are going to intensify in the years to come. Voice your opinion on cyber-bullying right here in the comment section below at

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