The Bachelorette 2011: Who Won the Bachelorette 2011

If you missed who won the Bachelorette 2011, then you are probably searching to find who one the Bachelorette 2011. While look know further theĀ  show ended with J.P. being named the man who won the love of Ashley. The last episode of The Bachelorette 2011 started with the two remaining bachelors meeting Ashley’s family in Fiji. J.P. was first up to meet Ashley’s Mom, Step-Dad, Brother and Sister. He thought things were going well until he sat down with Ashley’s sister where she pretty much said she did not think he was the right guy for her sister. There was nothing J.P. could say or do at that time to change the sisters mind. The meeting ended on a sour note and left J.P. feeling confused and worried.

who won the bachelorette 2011

The second family meeting with Ben F. on the Bachelorette 2011 went much more smoothly. Ashley though did not have the same passion towards Ben as she did for J.P. In the end Ashley received a proposal from both men. Yes that is right she got proposed to twice in one night! Of course she only accepted J.P.’s ring, after sending Ben away broken hearted, making J.P. the winner of the Bachelorette 2011.

After the Bachelorette 2011 finished the After The Final Rose episode took place. The couple sat down with host Chris Harrison and it became clear that in a few months Ashely is going to move to New York City, where J.P. resides, but has to finish her school before that. They will get a place together and begin living life as a couple. As for wedding plans the couple plans to enjoy their engagement and are thinking about a wedding in the fall of 2012.

Today the new couple made the talk show circuit rounds. On Regis And Kelly this morning the two revealed that Ashley was the first to drop the L-word. Yes you heard it here Ashley said she loved J.P. before he said it to her. Apparently the camera’s didn’t catch that.

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