The Bachelorette 2011 Winner

After a very riotous season, where men fought for Ashley Hebert’s love, it seems that she has finally made her pick and she decided that the love of her life and the man she wants to spend the rest of her life is JP, just like Reality Steve predicted.

Ashley Hebert and JP Bachelorette Winner

There have been many debates on whether Ashley was going to pick JP or Ben F., but it seems that The Bachelorette Winner 2011 is actually JP. Although both men proposed to the beautiful Ashley, who on the last episode of the season was dressed in an amazing pale pink dress which sparkled in the Fiji sun, she decided to say yes to JP. Then, she told him that she had loved him for so long and that she could not imagine spending her life with someone else but him. In return, JP confessed that he was also very much in love with her and that everything felt so right, now that they decided to be together.

The sad part of the story is that Ben left Fiji broken-hearted. Although Ashley’s tattooed sister, Chrystie, tried to convince her that JP was not the right choice, given his age (JP is 34) and his personality. Moreover, Chrystie also questioned JP’s lifestyle and the fact that he was still single at his age. Still, even though it was very obvious that Chrystie preferred Ben to JP, she could do nothing about it and that is why The Bachelorette winner 2011 was JP and not Ben. Ashley made her choice and it seems that the couple is currently engaged and ready to move in together, to start a new life as a couple. Ashley Hebert and JP were seen on LIVE with Regis and Kelly this morning.


  1. Clare Johnson says:

    I was sorely disappointed and shocked by Ashley’s choice of the two men last night on the Bachelorette, because it seems to me (and I’ve been observing her actions/emotions this entire episode long), that Ashley had never really been quite certain of her own true emotions/feelings about any of the men she had to choose from (take for instance that Bently character…she was far too infatuated with him, and he was simply jerking her around)!

    While I do wish her and J.P. every happiness for a bright and promising future together in marriage, I must confess that this episode of The Bachelorette left me wondering whether Ashley made the best decision between these two great young men. They both appeared to be such great personalities characteristically that it’s no wonder she had a hard time emotionally choosing between them, but ultimately, I felt that Ben was the better match after viewing this entire episode of The Bachelorette. I suppose it should have been obvious to most viewers just by the look in Ashley’s eyes when Ben was about to propose to her on bended knee that she was about to drop a bomb on dear Ben in her decision between him and J.P. I felt so badly for Ben…even Ashley’s family loved him (everyone was fitting like a piece to a puzzle), and Ben had such charm and wit! He & Ashley had no trouble at all making each other laugh over the silliest things! (Loved that!!!) Oh well…such is life. Seems like a lot of us have a difficult time choosing the proper mate for ourselves these days, or else there wouldn’t be so many divorces! I just hope that Ashley & J.P. will have a long and happy marriage, and that they will grow old happily together, which is the way life should be between couples. Thanks to the producers of The Bachelorette and The Bachelor shows, at least viewers can sit back and observe some of the dynamics between couples and take notes during their interactions! We can all learn something from that aspect of these shows!


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