Diablo 3 Release Date

If someone is telling you that he knows when Diablo 3 release date is, do not believe him. Blizzard have not specified a specific Diablo 3 release date, while even top managers at the company are barely able to inform you on a future Diablo 3 release data because Blizzard admitted they do not know how long the commencing beta testing is going to run, according to PC Magazine.

Diablo 3 Release Date

Blizzard should carefully test new functionality they incorporated in the auction house and assess what beta testers think of newly introduced characters in the game. The company will invite an undisclosed number of people from North America to take part in the beta testing, without elaborating when the beta version will be available to gamers in other parts of the world.

The game will not feature an offline mode, and gamers will be required to have uninterrupted internet connection to play with characters being saved on Blizzard’s servers. A new, more powerful and entirely re-redeveloped auction house will be available in the beta version but testers will not be allowed to save items and game progress for use in the officially released Diablo 3 game.

It is unclear whether the upcoming Diablo 3 will be available for offline play, which is a policy provoking mixed reactions among players with some recent game titles that proved unsuccessful because of their inability to support offline single-play mode. If you are looking for the Diablo 3 online download forget about it because Blizzard is picking the gamers for beta testing.

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