China Oil Spill: Another Oil Explosion

China Oil Spill

Oil spills seem to be the norm these days instead of the exception. The big spill in the Gulf of Mexico finally appears to be reaching some form of control after valiant efforts to plug the hole causing the problem. Now, the folks concerned with improving the environment have yet another issues to study. The China oil spill occurred at Dallian’s port in Liaoning.

The official numbers of this particular spill show that it has doubled in size since last week. The area now covers approximately 165 square miles and even that is excruciatingly small compared to that of the BP catastrophe. The good news coming out is that two men who were doing their best to survive in oil-clogged waters were rescued. However, all of the news coming from the China oil spill is not all good as a firefighter was swept away trying to repair an underwater pump.

Dallan is the second largest oil import port in China and this disaster has leaked crude oil into the Yellow Sea. The fire from the leak took almost 15 hours to burn down, leaving folks terrified and are actively seeking energy reform. Coal remains the largest source of energy according to the U.S. Department of Energy with oil running second. Authorities are working to clean up the China oil spill just as the folks in the Gulf are actively working on the spill there.

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