ABC’s ‘Take the Money and Run’

A new ABC’s Take the Money and Run show debuted on TV this week with Jerry Bruckheimer being the man behind the new game show. The new game show promises to entertain viewers by broadcasting how a pair of “hiders” get a briefcase with greenbacks that they have to hide in a major metro area, sources close to the show revealed. Four other persons, two “detectives” and two “interrogators” are asked to find the case and they are declared game winners if they manage to find the money. Otherwise, ABC’s Take the Money and Run is won by the “hiders”.

Take the Money and Run

The show debuts on ABC with two brothers, Raul and Paul, hiding the briefcase, while Cliff and Dean play the role of detectives who have to find the money. Actually, the titles “detectives” and “interrogators” are slightly exaggerated in ABC’s Take the Money and Run because the “hiders” are not obliged to speak to “interrogators” nor they are they allowed to practice some more brutal police methods. In contrast, “hiders” are allowed to split, just like offenders do in real life when are on the run.

Media experts already warned the show would provoke angry reactions from more conservative TV viewers. Will you watch the new ABC show ‘Take the Money and Run”?

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