Miley Cyrus Gay Marriage Tattoo

It does not come as a surprise when Miley Cyrus gets a gay marriage tattoo to show the whole world that she is very supportive of the same-sex marriages. Miley Cyrus has always been very vocal about her beliefs regarding the same-sex marriages and back in July, when the verdict in the case of Casey Anthony was given, she was very angry and tweeted that it is not natural for people to get acquitted for murdering a child and for people to simply show the world how in love they are by getting married is not legal.

Miley Cyrus Tattoo

Furthermore, back in 2009, Cyrus also supported Perez Hilton in the fight against Carrie Prejean, twitting that she loved him no matter his sexual orientation and that she also was a Christian and that for Christians the sexual orientation should not count.

Miley Cyrus has been very supportive of gay marriages for as long as she has been famous and now she got a tattoo to show the whole world that she does not judge anyone and that she loves all people, in spite of their sexual orientation. Moreover, she also tweeted that there is nothing in the Bible to say that people should be judged by others and that God was the only one who could judge. So, in order to support her beliefs, Miley Cyrus got a gay marriage tattoo and she tweeted a photo of it on Saturday, which had a comment saying that all love was equal.

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