Miley Cyrus Smoking (Photos)

Omnipresent paparazzi have caught Miley Cyrus smoking while the former Hannah Montana star was relaxing with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth and other close friends, The Celebrity Cafe reported. The 18-year-old star provoked angry reactions from fans and critics who saw the Miley Cyrus smoking photos while she was playing with her new puppy Floyd and demonstrating her tattooed body.

Miley Cyrus Smoking Photos

A Cyrus fan tweeted he is worried that witnessing Miley Cyrus smoking forced him to think of Amy Winehouse and her problems with drugs and alcohol that caused the recent death of the singer who was just under 30 years of age. Another fan used his Twitter account to voice concerns that Miley has changed a lot since the days of Hannah Montana and smoking is definitely not a change for the good.

Actually, a couple of years ago Miley stated in her autobiography “Miles to Go” that she would not smoke cigarettes never in her life. Two years later, it appears that she has changed her mind and is not worried that smoking cigarettes is like smashing her guitar and expecting it to play, as she wrote in her autobiography in 2009. Back in 2009, Miley Cyrus said she would never do harm to her voice by smoking, while the rest of her body needs cigarette smoke even less. At the age of 18, Miley Cyrus already considers smoking not as bad as habit as she has thought just two years earlier when she played the role of a perfect, well-mannered Disney star.

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