Kim Kardashian Wedding Ring

It can never be doubted that one of the biggest weddings of this year is the Kim Kardashian wedding which would commence this month. It has been reported that the wedding date will be the 20th of August 2011. There were also reports that the invitations have been sent already. But one of the most talked about topics on the wedding is the Kim Kardashian wedding ring.

Kim Kardashian Wedding Ring

The Kim Kardashian wedding ring is reported to cost around 2 million dollars. This is much more expensive than her house in Beverly Hills. Also the the Kim Kardashian wedding ring is believed to be a 20.5 carat diamond ring. With this kind of expensive and well designed wedding ring, no wonder her fiancé Kris loves her so much.

Meanwhile, it is also reported the wedding ring was designed by Lorraine Schwartz a well known ring maker. Everybody is just getting excited for this upcoming wedding. One of the details of Kim Kardashian’s wedding is she would wear two wedding dresses on her wedding day, some might find that  interesting to know.

As we wait for Kim Kardashians wedding, it is expected that it will be filled with joy and big time celebrity guests. There will be photos released for sure and since it is televised, many people around the world will watch this event. Kim Kardashian’s popularity is just overwhelming; we hope that once she ties her knot with Kris, they will have a long-time marriage together.

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