Is Casey Anthony Pregnant?

A few days ago we witnessed some interesting events about Casey Anthony upon her being released from jail. She was spotted in Ohio at a Starbucks in a slight disguise, wearing a red hat and colored contact lenses. But today a shocking revelation was confessed as an intriguing question, “Is Casey Anthony Pregnant?” This is pretty unusual especially for the woman who was not convicted of killing her daughter. Casey Anthony said that she is pregnant but some people believe that it is just a thoughtful tactic being played by the 25-year-old mother.

Casey Anthony Pregnant

“Is Casey Anthony Pregnant?” one prison inmate of Anthony shared her thoughts about the revelation. The unnamed inmate said it is possible to have sex while in prison. The prison inmate also explained that Casey wanted another baby to replace her daughter Caylee. The fact that she is not showing to the public could be another scheme of hers.

Meanwhile a hearing this coming Friday is set and a judge will decide whether she will need to serve the probation or not. This issue has been contested by Anthony’s lawyer but for us we just need to wait for more news on the upcoming hearing.

On the other hand, “Is Casey Anthony Pregnant?” issue will certainly be followed by many people. Many will anticipate whether this is a fact or a false hearsay created by Anthony. The life of Casey Anthony has been followed closely for the past 3 years and it seems as though that will not stop.

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