Heather Locklear Pictures

Heather Locklear pictures showing the actress in a stylish, and leaving too little to imagination, dress only weeks before her 50th birthday became a hot news for tabloids around the world, aol.uk reported. The actress enjoyed the company of her boyfriend actor Jack Wagner at a charity dinner in London, proving that Heather Locklear pictures are always in demand in spite of her upcoming anniversary.

Heather Locklear Photo

Heather Locklear pictures revealing her chest were taken at an event for another friend of hers, popular actor Samuel L. Jackson. She has been dressed in black top that showed her famous chest and photographers were extremely busy taking photos of the actress who turns 50 in September.
World tabloids are now speculating whether Heather has managed to imperceptibly use the services of a plastic surgeon in the last few months after she firmly denied she has had any plastic surgery in her life in an interview on the Regis & Kelly show in March, 2011.

In March, Heather the interviewers she has some ideas for an eventual surgery in the future, adding that plastic surgery is not a bad thing. She admitted that all her friends are talking about that and she enters an age when a woman may consider correcting her appearance.

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