Yahoo Down: Yahoo Accounts

The various online search engines often grow in size at rapid rate and then decline slowly over time. New search engines come and go and people give those a try before returning to their old faithful. For now, Google seems to be one of the biggest online search engines and email companies in action. Unfortunately for those who don’t use Google, news that Yahoo down in the second quarter may indicate big changes to come.

Google managed to continue with a 24 percent growth in the second quarter while other search engines were experiencing a down turn. CEO indicates that they are still pleased to see the operating income and margin expansion moving forward although they were low overall in the big picture. The biggest growth came from market share and advertising but even that wasn’t enough to meet the expectations of the company. With Yahoo down and experiencing an 8 percent decline in the quarter, the company has to be concerned.

If the company executives are being forthright, the growth of the company is strong and stabilizing. However, a lot of research has shown that the trade was down 7% to $14.11 but did manage to close on Tuesday at $15.20. According to the CEO, the pattern of decline has started to reverse in July and they remain hopeful as they work to improve the overall company brand. A rise thus far in July has to make it more promising to those experiencing the Yahoo down fall in the second quarter.

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