Honey Badger Youtube Video

“Dancing On The Debt Ceiling” is a new video by Randall, a.k.a. @RandallsAnimals of “Honey Badger” that provoked much comments in the media. The Honey Badger Youtube video mimics the debt ceiling debate using Little Richard footage and politicians debating the serious theme that concerns all Americans.

Honey Badger Youtube Video

The Honey Badger Youtube video is the latest caricature of a fruitless political debate that is not able to produce much results and almost ends in a stalemate. While the Honey Badger Youtube video is the clip of the day on Youtube, America’s politicians are still unconvinced a good deal on debt ceiling has been reached recently.

In the meantime, credit rating agency Standard & Poors deceased American sovereign credit rating, fueling speculations on a new, and maybe worse, economic downturn lying ahead. Gold hit the record over $1,700 per ounce and markets are nervously waiting for positive news from U.S. government, the Federal Reserve and European governments which all have to deal with an unseen debt crisis throughout Europe and the United States.

Watch the latest Honey Badgers Video below:

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