Gavin DeGraw Attacked: DeGraw Hospitalized After New York Assault

Gavin DeGraw was attacked and is hospitalized after the New York assault in which the singer has suffered a broken nose. The 34-year-old singer was attacked by a group of men early in the morning on Monday in the New York City’s East Village, according to the police. New York police spokesman Lieutenant John Grimpel declined to comment how many individuals attacked the singer but confirmed that Gavin DeGraw is hospitalized after a New York attack.

Gavin Degraw Attacked

The singer, who sang the hit “I Don’t Want to Be,” had been taken to the Bellevue Hospital by ambulance, according to a representative of the singer. At present, he is under observation, he added.

DeGraw was with close friends of his and parted with them just minutes before the accident, Grimpel told journalists. The police refused to comment or reveal more details on the Gavin DeGraw attack.

Gavin DeGraw started his career in Manhattan clubs before his hit “I Don’t Want to Be” was selected to be a theme song in a TV drama called “One Tree Hill.” “Follow Though” and “Chariot” are among the other hits of the singer who was born in New York State.

The singer’s fans still cannot believe that Gavin DeGraw was attacked in New York.

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