iPhone 5 Release Date Rumors

Plenty of iPhone 5 release date rumors hit the market daily with telecommunications companies like AT&T being among the most active generators of rumors, InfoWorld reports. In addition, fans of the Apple products, bloggers, and Apple itself fuel the iPhone 5 release date rumors by publishing various unchecked news on this topic or taking advantage of the hot subject matter for other purposes.

iPhone 5 Release Date

The official release of iOS 5 is close and most experts agree that Apple will release a new or upgraded iPhone 5 model by that date, which makes the iPhone 5 release date rumors look more authentic. Apple hinted that a new model of the iPhone is ready to hit the market running and probably intentionally delayed the iPhone 5 release to introduce an update to its iPhone line in July, InfoWorld wrote.

It is still unclear whether the leading smart phone manufacturer will release a major upgrade of its iPhone 4 or a brand new iPhone 5 will be introduced. The company will not miss the opportunity to advertise its upcoming product for free, with myriads of bloggers and websites trying to cover the iPhone 5 release date rumors, producing ridiculous results on some occasions. Such a massive marketing campaign would cost a lot to a company that would normally have to pay for all the buzz and hype produced by bloggers and websites.

Apple’s top executives must be laughing in their offices checking online tech news in the morning for the free publicity produced by the iPhone 5 release date rumors.

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