Kim Kardashian Wedding News

Kim Kardashian has been spotted in New York City, shopping for expensive gifts for her extravagant wedding, according to the latest Kim Kardashian wedding news. The 30-year-old reality TV star revealed she is very calm with the closeness of her wedding, which is scheduled for August 20, 2011.

Kim Kardashian Wedding

The bride-to-be told reporters covering the Kim Kardashian wedding news that she landed in the Big Apple, where she had a dress fitting session with fashion designer Vera Wang, and took another flight to Los Angeles at noon. She went on to add that she spent nearly eleven hours on a plane to visit New York for about three hours devoted to her dress fitting and a small shopping tour on the East Coast before she landed in Hollywood again.

The Kim Kardashian wedding news is on the main pages of all major online tabloids and for some reason or other myriads of blogs follow her steps online. Her marketing campaign designed to convince as many people as possible that her wedding will be the number one wedding party of the century already started to slip after a growing number of news media voiced concerns that this is starting to look ridiculous. Recently, Kim Kardashian announced that she is introducing a new fragrance, in what is a desperate attempt to monetize every opportunity related to the “Kim Kardashian wedding.

Reportedly, the Kim Kardashian wedding should be bigger than the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton which took place in April, although that is a challenging task, according to old school high-society reporters. Nevertheless, she will give it a try.

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