Craigslist Home Page

Craigslist home page may face increased competition from rival website Monster, following Monster’s integration with Yahoo, industry analysts revealed. In the second quarter of 2011, Monster saw its earnings grow by a quarter with HotJobs being the main traffic and revenue generator since the start of the year. No data for Craigslist home page were immediately available while other rivals like LinkedIn and Facebook also witness growth of their earnings.

Craigslist Home Page

Yahoo and Monster signed a deal last year to share traffic in the segment of job searches where their main rival in the United States and Canada is Craigslist home page. In June 2001, Monster’s Career Ad Network reported 77.9 unique visitors while Yahoo sites visitors stood at 178 million, according to data by comScore. Under the terms of the deal, Monster is set to provide visitors to Yahoo’s job board in an attempt to oust competitors like Craigslist and LinkedIn.

Last year Monster experienced serious drop in its revenues, and the company was forced to speed up development and introduction of new job search tools like Power Resume Search (PRS) and a cloud-based job-search solution called 6Sense.

Craigslist and Monster are the most popular job search engines in North America, according to market estimates, while the two companies have different marketing strategies.

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