Kenny Guinn: Former Nevada Governor

The news today has been relatively peaceful all things considered. For some, it was definitely a day to embrace the new, for instance the guys at the Tour de France, but for others, it turned into a sad day of mourning. In Nevada, the two-term Republican governor blamed with many of Las Vegas financial woes passed away. Kenny Guinn fell and was transported to University Medical Center.

For now, the fall is under investigation as it is unsure if the fall was the reason for the death or if he died of natural causes. A spokesperson and friend of the family indicated that the former governor had been on the roof making repairs. His wife found him shortly after 10:30 AM this morning and placed the emergency call. In respect of Kenny Guinn, Governor Gibbons ordered flags at state buildings to be lowered to half-staff. For Dema Guinn, the loss of Kenny Guinn mean the loss of her best friend.

Many knew him as the former Clark County superintendent of schools as well as millionaire bank chairman. He served two terms from 1998 to 2007. As governor of Nevada, he was the wings behind the biggest tax increase in state history. Kenny Guinn is also known for turning over $300 million in excess taxes to the people of Nevada.

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