Indiana State Fair Stage Collapses

One of the tragic scenes that happened in Indianapolis where 4 people were killed and 40 more people were injured due to the windy weather experienced in the Indiana state fair last Saturday night. The Indiana State Fair stage collapses tragedy occurred before 9 p.m. at that particular time no one was on the stage as the opening performance had finished performing and the attendees were awaiting the country band Sugarland.

Indiana State Fair Stage Collapse

The attendance at the Hoosier Lottery Grandstand was just overwhelming as there were more than 15,000 people who came to take in the event. No one was expecting that this tragedy would happen. As the Indiana State Fair stage collapse happened, emergency vehicles and paramedics were there to aid the injured people. Meanwhile one of the fans who was a photographer of Associated Darron Cummings was there sitting as a fan.

He stated right before the Indiana State Fair stage collapse happened, the announcer had given them the instructions on how to evacuate if the weather worsens but instead they remained in their seats and waited for Sugarland to perform. Moreover, Darryl Cox and Emily Davis told the WTHR how the Sugarland stage collapse happened.

They explained that the incident was like in slow motion; the people were just terrified and running from one place to the other. It was just a horrible mess caused by the turbulence of a powerful wind accompanied by thunderstorms. This is surely a terrible tragedy that the Indiana State fair stage collapsed killing and injuring several innocent people and hopefully precautions will be taken in the future to ensure no such loss will occur.

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