Anonymous Hackers Attack BART Website

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) police force shot Charles Blair Hill on July 3, 2011 and Anonymous hackers attack the BART website following the closure by BART of mobile phone services within its authority. In 2009, a similar incident occurred after the BART police officer shot dead Oscar Grant who had an argument with a few of them. BART operates its own police force, news agencies recall.

Anonymous Hackers Attack BART

The Anonymous hackers attack on the BART website was not quite unexpected in the light of their march for civil rights protection and fight with government agencies and corporations that “abuse their power”. Following the shutdown of the mobile phone network in the BART-operated area, police Lieutenant Andy explained that it is a great method to be used in case people try to organize unauthorized demonstrations.

Others claim the Anonymous hackers attack on the BART website is justified because BART police forces have put on risk many commuters and jeopardized emergency communications as well. Reportedly, BART employees did not consider legal issues related to their actions and simply went on and closed down mobile phone networks to prevent demonstrators from organizing their actions.

Anonymous hacked BART website and released the names, phone numbers, street addresses and email addresses of 2,000 company customers. A real-life protest was staged for Monday but attracted little interest among San Francisco area commuters. No arrests were made on both occasions.

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