Daniel Schorr: Big Journalist

Journalism has made drastic changes in the last 100 years. From the soft spoken and easy to read to the tough and often ugly, growth is important even in journalism. Free speech is one of the biggest battles writers face. Moreover, Daniel Schorr was known for standing up for others even when he wasn’t proud of what they had written.

At 93, the fight sleeps for now for the man known for his brazen words. At one time, Ted Turner found himself on the short end of a battle over violent movies.  Frank Zappa, another big First Amendment advocate was one of his biggest fans and long time friends. Daniel Schorr’s family will miss him and in the meantime, the world will remember the man who won three Emmys.

Early in his career the journalist was kind and unknowing. No one would have ever guessed him to be one of Richard Nixon’s biggest enemies. Once he left CBS, he began working at CNN with Turner and stayed until 1985 when he made his move to NPR. Daniel Schorr’s fans mourn the loss of a great man with great insight.

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