Kat Von D L.A. Ink Canceled

Kat Von D L.A. Ink is canceled for undisclosed reasons while the two parties involved both claim the decision is theirs. Earlier today, TLC announced Kat Von D L.A. Ink is canceled but a few hours later the artist used her Twitter account to post a message that she originally decided to stop L.A. Ink while TLC tries to misguide the TV audience the decision was taken by them.

Kat Von D L.A. Ink

Obviously, the one thing that is sure in the entire affair is that Kat Von D L.A. Ink is canceled, and that it will be the last season of the series. According to the studio, the last episode of L.A. Ink will be aired on September 15, 2011. The series lasted for four seasons before being canceled, after Kat Von D journeyed from Miami to Los Angeles. L.A. Ink started in 2007 and experienced a revival of its rating after Kat Von D parted with Jesse James, former husband of Sandra Bullock.

According to Kat Von, TLC is trying to make her look bad by announcing the network is unhappy with the series and took decision to stop it. No independent source can confirm who originally decided to close the L.A. Ink.

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