Birkin Bag: Oh Courtney Love

Fashion means everything to most celebrities. Very rarely are celebrities even caught in sloppy work-out clothes. It’s hard to imagine how some folks can work so hard for food while others are spending fortunes on a handbag. That puts Courtney Love and her Birkin Bag in an ostentatious place.

This is a handbag that costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $7,000. Many families in American live off a little more than twice that. The best part was Courtney wasn’t willing to come clean about where she got the bag. Moreover, she likened the bag to diamonds. Courtney was quite frank when she indicated that she was 45 when she got her first Birkin bag.

She said that as if it was sad that she had to wait that long to get the bag. She even went so far as to say that when she got another one, as if anyone would ever need another one, she would fly to Paris and get it herself. Courtney was foolish enough to liken the ownership of the bag to the manners of Emily Post. If a Birkin bag can do all that for someone, just think what a poor family would do with that kind of money.


  1. SadisntIt? says:

    This surmises her whole problem: thinking more money, status, power, CAKE, will make her feel loved. Courtney and her parents were a really bad combo. Yet she constantly makes people hate herself. Seems doomed to stay this way, at her age.

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