NDP Leader Jack Layton Dead at 61

In his home and surrounded by family members, Canada’s NDP leader Jack Layton is dead at 61, after the leader of the New Democratic Party led his party to its strongest performance ever in Canadian federal elections in May, 2011. At present, the NDP is the second largest party in the House of Commons after no one believed the leader would be able to transform the smallest party in Parliament into a leading political party in Canada.

Jack Layton Dead

A statement issued by his family reads that NDP leader Jack Layton is dead at 61, following treatment for prostate cancer and a hip operation. Unexpectedly, his health problems won him sympathy from voters and did not make him look weaker in the eyes of fellow Canadians although he did not manage to win majority in the last elections.

The NDP is expected to undergo a process of serious change, following the news that NDP leader Jack Layton is dead at 61, with other party leaders being under pressure to perform at least as successfully as he did. He pledged to stabilize Canada’s public finances by imposing higher corporate taxes while increasing revenues in order to balance the budget in four years. Now, the party leaders should demonstrate the same commitment and activity to deal with an unbalanced budget in turbulent financial times.

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