Hurricane Irene Storm Path

Hurricane Irene storm path is set to hit the U.S. coastline from Florida to South and North Carolina in the next few days. The hurricane Irene’s storm path through the Caribbean shows it will be a destructive one and can turn into a Category 4 storm, where winds of more than 131 miles per hour are forming.

Hurricane Irene Path

The hurricane Irene’s storm path will hit the Turks and Caicos Islands first, before moving along southeastern Bahamas and heading toward the U.S. coastline on Tuesday when forecasters expect it to grow to Category 3 hurricane. Winds within such a hurricane would top 110 miles per hour.

People already started to evacuate their homes along the path of the hurricane with a lot of real estate from Florida to the Carolinas expected to be hit by the storm. State authorities are on high alert after hurricane Irene left over a million people in Puerto Rico without electricity yesterday. In the meantime, the storm was re-categorized to a Category 2 storm, where winds reach up to 100 miles per hour.

Florida’s Division of Emergency Management is monitoring the storm, while South Carolina’s Emergency Management Division is in close contact with federal agencies that monitor Irene’s path. In 2011, eight Atlantic tropical storms have formed close to the U.S. shores, with 14 to 19 tropical storms expected to hit the United States during the year.

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