Diablo 3 Beta Testing

Gamers from North America will be the first who will be invited to participate in Diablo 3 beta testing, the long-awaited sequel to the classic Diablo game, PC Magazine reported. Developers from Blizzard announced the game will be offered to people who have a Battle.net account. Those who are interested in Diablo 3 beta testing can apply through their “Beta Profile Account Management” option in Battle.net.

Diablo 3 Beta

Blizzard said in a statement the company is going to send emails inviting players to join the Diablo 3 betat testing, therefore, applying to participate in the test run does not guarantee one would be allowed to enter the beta testing. The company plans to invite players in waves, and some players might get an invitation at a later stage, the press release reads.

North American users will be in the first wave with 1,000 people already being included in the invitation list at BlizzCon No end-date for the beta test is specified with Blizzard declining to comment on the total number of players that will be invited to enjoy Diablo 3 before its official release. The game will feature five character classes while developers added new characters to game. Those who have the chance to beta-test the game will not be allowed to retain their progress in the official version of Diablo 3.

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