Comic Con 2010 Thor Movie Trailer

Thor Movie Trailer

For movie buffs awaiting the preview of a movie is like standing in line for ice cream. The excitement builds with no limits and the final selection is expected to live up to the fury of the wait. The fans await anxiously for any glimpse of upcoming movies and make no mind to the fact that the movie won’t actually debut for another year. The Thor movie trailer was released to the fans at Comic-Con 2010 and the reactions thus far have been extremely positive.

If you follow the Twitter feed you will find almost every thought process possible regarding this upcoming film. Many anxiously await the arrival of the full movie and don’t mind expressing their feelings on various social media outlets. If you missed the preview, you can also catch it on youtube. The bottom line is that the Thor movie trailer is grabbing the attention of a lot of people who missed the trailer at Comic-Con.

If you are looking to catch the preview, you’ll see a heavily guarded SHIELD facility in New Mexico which will cut over to an interrogation. Watch for the action to jump back and forth to fighting and then a speech about responsibility and a new generation with cuts to other highlights of the movie. For movie fans and those anticipating the release of various movies, Comic-Con 2010 provided a sweet piece of satisfaction. The Thor movie trailer has actually managed to live up to the expectations of fans and leave them hanging on the edge in anticipation,

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