Steve Jobs Resignation Letter

Tim Cook might succeed Steve Jobs at the helm of Apple Inc. after Steve Jobs resignation letter to Apple’s board was made public by himself. In a shocking, but quite expected move, Steve Jobs announced he will retire from the position of CEO of Apple in a resignation letter that has been written and then shelved months ago, industry insiders said.

Steve Jobs Resigns

Steve Jobs resignation letter follows a health-related leave of absence in January, while he later appeared in the spotlights again showcasing Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5, and iCloud online service in mid-2011.

The person who changed the rules of the game in the tech industry on several occasions during the past few decades, expressed his wish his role in Apple to be reduced to the position of Apple’s chairman; a position that can be taken by him without forcing Jobs to make everyday decisions and follow everyday development of the corporate affairs.

Most analysts agree that Apple were taken by surprise by the Steve Jobs resignation letter and look unprepared with an adequate move to shift power to another person who is suitable for the position of CEO. Doubters claim the company will suffer without Jobs at the helm and a transition period of at least three years should be expected before Apple is able to coin a new strategic vision for the future. Jobs is convinced Apple will survive without him as CEO although only a handful of analysts believe someone else has his brain to mastermind strategies and new products and services that can influence tech industry in the way he did in the past decades.

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