$2 Million Bounty for Gaddafi Dead or Alive

Libyan rebel forces announced $2 million bounty for Gaddafi dead or alive, while immunity from prosecution is offered to anyone who dare to capture or kill Libya’s leader. The $2 million bounty for Gaddafi dead or alive can be of special interest to those close to Libyan dictator who can be tempted by the chance to avoid prosecution coupled by a serious financial stimulus.


The news on $2 million bounty for Gaddafi dead or alive being announced emerged shortly after his forces started bombardments on living quarters in downtown Tripoli, the capital of Libya. The 69-year-old Libyan leader urged his followers to fight for every street and quarter and ordered attacks on his own people in a demonstration of cold-blooded reaction of a madman.

The National Transitional Council (NTC) announced Libyan businesspeople secured $1.7 million for the cash reward that will be granted to anyone who is able to capture or kill the man who earlier called Libyans to fight “the gangs” of rebels that advance in Tripoli. He called NTC and their forces “traitors” and admitted he is out of the Libyan capital. However, he said he sees no real danger for the city to be captured by rebel forces, revealing he left the city for tactical reasons.

Saif al-Islam, the son of Gaddafi who is selected his heir, has been captured by the rebels but later mysteriously appeared on streets of Tripoli, shaking hands of local people and urging them to protect the old regime. Whereabouts of another five sons of Col. Gaddafi are also unknown.

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