The Hot New 2011 Ford Explorer

2011 Ford Explorer

The rate at which new car designs are hitting the market is astronomical.  In order to keep up with the Jones the various auto makers are stepping out and going big. Those who like to check out the new and improved vehicles will get a nice surprise in the SUV department. The 2011 Ford Explorer has been revealed and it is definitely a sight to see.

The company put out little pieces of information about the vehicle and then some other information managed to leak without the company’s approval. Either way, what the public has waited to see for some time is a gorgeous new design. The 2011 Ford Explorer comes off the line with a car-based platform.

This new idea in SUV makes the automobile more fuel efficient and adds a wealth of safety. The truck is still a mainstreamed four-wheel-drive although it’s rare for anyone to take an auto this gorgeous anywhere but down the big highway. The SUV offers a lot of amenities including a choice of engines and horsepower along with the normal full accessorized power package and sport utility genes from its grandfather, the original Explorer SUV. The 2011 Ford Explorer is definitely going to be hot on the market and with all the new ideas Ford has managed to attach to the 2011 Ford Explorer SUV you can expect to see lot’s on the road soon.


  1. Wesley says:

    Funny, my 2011 explorer doesn’t look a damn thing like this… THANK GOD!

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