Shark Swims Down Street In Puerto Rico

A picture depicting a shark in the flooded streets of Puerto Rico wreck havoc among local residents until experts realized it is a fraud that someone have posted on YouTube. The fraudster decided to manipulate the picture like the shark was filmed from inside a car, showing a seven-foot predator swimming after what was left from streets of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Irene hit the island.

Sharks in Streets

Several media reported the fake news as real news before picture experts revealed it is a hoax. A YouTube user named “blurredsilence” said Americans are ready to believe any news related to Hurricane Irene because hysterical reactions have flooded local media about the storm.

Fake pictures often appear in the news even of leading media outlets who fight to capture viewers attention. Fortunately, citizens of Puerto Rico can now laugh at the fake picture that was on several news channels in the meantime.

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