Hurricane Irene Surge on East Coast

Hurricane Irene is not expected to hit the United States soil before Saturday although heavy ocean waves are already hitting the Outer banks in North Carolina. Tourists and locals gathered at the place to enjoy the view of the waves caused by the storm on Friday.

Hurricane Irene Surge Path

Hurricane Irene, which slightly lost strength on Friday is heading to the east coast and eventually is going to pass through Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Baltimore, Boston and New York. The hurricane is now a Category 2 storm, downgraded from Category 3, and reportedly will reach North Carolina as a storm of Category 2 to 3. A new hurricane warning now also covers New Jersey, and hurricane conditions are expected between North Carolina’s coast and Sandy Hook in New Jersey within 24 hours, officials said.

Irene hit the Bahamas on Thursday, leaving more than a million people without electricity and causing heavy damages along its path. State of emergency was declared by state governors on the east coast, while U.S. President Barack Obama also declared state of emergency in North Carolina.

This is the strongest storm to attack the east coast shores and coastal lands in seven years, meteorologists said. Hurricanes of this caliber can inflict heavy damages worth billions of dollars, economists added. Are you prepared for Hurricane Irene?

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