Madonna/Britney Kiss Causes Stir

The kiss of Madonna and Britney Spears is amongst the most memorable moments in the history of Video Music Awards that will take place on Sunday, experts commented. Back in 2003, Madonna, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, as a trio of cats, shared a kiss in front of unbelieving gustes in the hall and millions of TV viewers worldwide. The MTV’s Video Music Awards always produce news for tabloids and media all over the world and the kiss between the three female singers was a moment to remember.

Madonna Britney kiss

Other unforgettable moments include a scene last year, when Lady Gaga managed to win the Best Music VMA and asked Cher to take her purse. It is hard to explain such a behavior unless it was a carefully prepared PR action. Who knows.

Moralists still argue whether such live shows should be censored in order to prevent viewers from watching scenes like the kiss between the three musical ladies. On the other hand, quite eccentric people gather at such events and barely someone can censor their acts, planned or not. We can expect something of similar sort to happen on Sunday, and TV cameras will be there to capture the moment.

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