Bomb Blast at U.N. Building in Nigeria

A car bomb exploded at the gates of the United Nation’s office in Nigerian capital Lagos on Friday, devastating part of the building and killing at least eight people. Reportedly, the attack was organized by a radical Muslim sect that terrorizes northeast Nigeria.

United Nations Bomb Blast

The attack was carried out by a suicide bomber who managed to pass through two separate gates and reached the main reception area where the car exploded. About 400 people are employed in the United Nation’s headquarters in Nigeria, and reports are there are at least 40 more people injured with the number of victims rising very fast.

The death of eight people is confirmed with their bodies extracted from the ruins of the building, National Hospital spokesman Payo Hastrup told journalists. U.N. deputy spokesman Farhan Haq said in New York it is still too early for a correct number of victims to be released. He did not elaborate of the number of casualties in the car-bomb attack.
The U.N. building that came under attack is located in a neighborhood where the U.S. embassy and other embassies are situated, including the U.N. Development Program, UNICEF and the U.N. Population Fund.

A huge hole in the building can be seen after the attack for which nobody took responsibility yet.

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