Drunk Airplane Passenger Performs In-Flight Erotic Dance

A drunken Russian woman performed erotic dances before the eyes of unbelieving passengers in a flight from Moscow to London, forcing the crew to return the airplane and land in Moscow shortly after the takeoff. Amazingly, the flight was scheduled for 7:00 AM Moscow time but the Tatarstan-born 39-year-old woman managed to get drunk ahead of the flight.

Drunk Exotic Dance Airline

A spokesman for Russian transport police told journalist she was “in a state of insobriety”, and flight crew decided to return to Domodedovo Airport after the lady started taking off the glasses of other passengers while performing erotic dances. The flight lasted only 15 minutes before the airplane returned to the airport and transport police arrested the woman.

Later, the police took the Russian woman to hospital for further medical examination where doctors discovered she is in perfect state of health but a bit too drunk.

Fortunately, no one was has been injured during the odd incident as have happened in the past when drunk passengers have caused serious problems or tried to fight and cursed deck crew members.

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