Rihanna Caught Skinny Dipping (PHOTOS)

Singer Rihanna, 23, and rapper J. Cole firmly deny Hustler magazine have any erotic videotape featuring them both. Rihanna tweeted there is actually no videotape Hustler can show to its readers while 26-year-old rapper added via his Tweeter account this is just a celebrity gossip. He is set to release his debut album in September, following guest performances on Rhianna’s tour called “Loud.”

Rihanna Skinny Dipping

The Hustler magazine insists it possesses an intimate video of the Barbados-born Rihanna and J. Cole but a company spokesman told journalists Hustler managers have not decided what to do with the tape although people inside the magazine have seen the video.

No such tape exists, friends from the inner circle of Rhianna and J. Cole said, adding that the singer and the rapper have never been so close for their erotic video to be available to anyone. On the other hand, Rhianna is known for her love for erotic games although no evidence of any erotic videos of her exist.

The move might be just media hype to boost sales of J. Cole’s debut music album and provoke reactions to her recent tour. Who knows.

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