Ex-Giants Great Tiki Barber Engaged Girlfriend Traci Lynn Johnson

Tiki Barber, the 36-year-old former New York Giants star, has engaged to his girlfriend Traci Lynn Johnson while still seeking a new NFL club that is ready to open its doors to him. He retired in 2006 and started a career as a TV pundit, which can prevent him from finding a new club after he made some spicy comments on a number of clubs and players across the NFL.

Tiki Barber Engaged Traci Lynn Johnson

His career with NBC did not last long while his former teammates managed to win the Super Bowl the year after he left the club. In the meantime, he met the 24-year-old Traci Lynn Johnson who was a intern with the TV company and had an affair with her despite being married at the time. His former wife Ginny Cha was pregnant when he left her last year.

Barber tries to renew his football career after admitting he made serious mistakes in his personal life and revealed absence of football led him to a yearlong depression.

It is not yet known whether he and Traci are going to marry and when, while his future in NFL is also in doubt. However, Tiki Barber is trying to win two battles at once.

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