Casey Anthony Prosecutor Cashing In With Book Deal

Jeff Ashton, assistant state attorney who prosecuted Casey Anthony, is ready with a book on the trial that attracted massive media attention recently, according to announcements leaked on Barnes & Noble websites. The new book is titled “Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony” and Ashton confirmed he is the author without elaborating. The 256-page hardcover edition will be released in end-November, according to sources close to the publisher William Morrow.

Casey Anthony Book Deal

During the trial, Ashton insisted Casey Anthony is guilty of murdering her daughter Caylee who prevented her from having lovers and interfered with her social life. The 25-year-old Anthony was later acquitted on all major charges in the death of her daughter and released from jail in mid-July. On the other hand, she is the most hated person in the United States, a recent poll showed.

It is not quite unexpected that Jeff Ashton is trying to cash his role in the trial by publishing a book, while some commentators expected a movie to be shoot soon after the legal proceeding ended. The case has all details required for a decent crime and trial drama, including Anthony’s stay behind the bars and her mysterious .whereabouts after she was released from Orlando prison.

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